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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Young Bond series by Charlie Higson - review

I love all of Charlie Higson's other books like The Dead and The Enemy, which my dad introduced me to as he spoke to him on Twitter and got me a signed photo, so straight away I knew I would like this series of books. And I must say I did. They were packed to the brim with action, violence, strategy and gruesome deaths - all of which I love and really enjoy reading and writing.

James Bond is the main character in all the stories. There are five in the series starting with Silverfin, which is packed with secrets and strange eels, he also meets his soon to be life long friend, Red Kelly.

Then there is Double or Die where there is a cryptic message sent to Eton and James' friend crashes his car.

Next there is Blood Fever, which by the way if you don't like mosquitos you better not read this book. From fake gold to a mysterious girl going missing.

After that there is Hurricane Gold where kidnap and stealing is flowing out of the book along with a human rat run.

And finally there is By Royal Command, full of Russians, Germans, the Hitler Youth and mad scientists. What more could you want?

There around 350 pages long each. I recommend these to 11 or 12+ as there is quite a lot of violence and gore, and also some swearing. However they are some of the best books I have ever read. And I have read a lot. Charlie Higson has also written The Enemy series, which I recommend not to you but to you older siblings or your dad.

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