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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dodger by Terry Pratchettt - review

I hadn't read any of Terry Pratchett's books before, but when my granddad bought this book for me for Christmas I got straight into it. From the front cover I was intrigued, about the look of murder in his eyes and the look of mystery of it, from the clothing that he was wearing to the razor or knife in his dirty left hand, and the brown scruffy matted dog showing its ribs leaning next to him.

Dodger is a tosher; he walks around the sewers all day every day collecting money, and pickpocketing people on daily basis just to make a living. Everybody who is nobody knows him - anyone who is anyone doesn't. But when he rescues a young girl from a beating, things start to get rougher and dirtier than they already are. Everyone who is anyone now wants to get their dirty little hands on the now famous dodger.

It's a 335 page book that is brilliantly written with awesome wordplay. However unfortunately for you younger ones I recommend this to 11+ as it has quite a bit of swearing and violence and some other not very nice stuff.

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