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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher - review

Welcome to the mind of Hannah Baker. No… wait, she's dead. What happened? She took her life. Maybe not the cheery beginning you were hoping for.

Moving on, Hannah is dead but she is still alive in 13 different tapes. 13 different tapes with 13 different people on, and not for the best of reasons. These treasured tapes have the 13 people that caused her to take her life. Then, of course, they are passed along the line of people injecting guilt into each and every one of them.

Then, here comes number 9. Clay Jenson, the secret admirer of Hannah Baker. But what did he do?

I adored this book. The author seems to be able to observe normal people to inject into his characters, because everything else I've seen has not managed to do so. They seem to have made what would have been simple a maze of the character's thoughts. It's not the plot that I loved so much, although it's original in its own right; it's the complex thoughts and emotions that the character expresses.

It's not the action itself but what follows after it which is what I think this novel is all about. The little things add up to big things which, in this book, went out of control and spun into death.

However, there is one fault. I did not like the ending. Yes it made you feel hopeful for Clay Jenson but it came to an abrupt stop; not a tantalizing cliff hanger, just a stop. It left your mind to wander not settle on an ending, whether happy or sad.

Finally, let's not let that drag down a great book done by a great author.

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