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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Girls' Book: How To Be The Best At Everthing by Juliana Foster - review

This book is unlike any others. It's not a story or factual, it's just like it says in the title - how to be the best at everything! It includes how to make milkshakes, how to survive a shark attack, how to find your blind spot (something I found especially interesting!), how to read someone's mind and so much more!

I found it a very interesting book, even though it's not something I would normally pick up, but most of the things do take a lot of time to organise, so if you like to do things quickly then this is not the book for you! Although some things in here are very quick, like finding your blind spot, but that's not something that will keep you occupied.

I would rate this book an 8/10 because most of the activities in here are really fun and very well thought out, but some of them are just unrealistic and pointless. I would recommend this book to girls (obviously) aged 9-12, so get reading!

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