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Friday, May 17, 2013

Fiction roundup: Sophie Kinsella, Jennifer Gilmore

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'Wedding Night' by Sophie Kinsella

Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella
The Dial Press, 446 pp.
*** out of four

Lottie's first wrong move: buying her boyfriend, Richard, an engagement ring. Her next mistake: thinking he proposed ... when he just meant he was going on an out-of-town business trip. Her next, really big snafu: dumping Richard and hooking up with old flame Ben and marrying him on a whim. Fans of Sophie Kinsella's comic novels know laughs are about to ensue at the expense of our wrong-headed but adorable heroine. We're whisked off to Greece for a night of connubial bliss that will never happen if Lottie's practical sister, Fliss, has her way. It's a terribly silly but fun novel that's as light and bubbly as a glass of wedding champagne. — Jocelyn McClurg

The Mothers by Jennifer Gilmore
Simon and Schuster, 275 pp.